Bridging gaps along a  professional journey. 

Bridging gaps along a  professional journey.

Our Professional Development Initiatives

Current Awards

Pattenmakers Livery
  • Young Manager’s Award
  • Footwear Industry
  • 1986 - present

Footwear Friends
  • Young Designers Award
  • 2008 - present

The Exceptionals
  • Campaign to promote the employment of ex-offenders.
  • 2016 - present

Past Awards

Pattenmakers Livery
  • Funding of Bill Bird
  • Orthapedic Footwear Course
  • 2019

Jesus College, Oxford
  • Entrepreneurial Award
  • 2016 - 2018

“During this time, I have had innumerous help from Traverse Trust and other professional mentors. Each time my project stalled, there were people around to guide me back on track.”

— Tien-Tse Chu, Template, 2020

Change is inevitable and it is not always easy to navigate. We help people to traverse these challenges with financial support and mentoring. Securing sustainable employment is an achievement and we support people at different stages of their career journey.

We help young entrepreneurs realise their ambitions; early career designers to fulfil their potential; mid-career professionals see their management skills develop; master technicians capture their experience for future makers and finally employers see the untapped potential of hiring someone with experience of the criminal justice sector. The communities we support are diverse but they are bound by a desire to realise their potential and tackle the challenges their career journey presents.

Again, we support individuals through our partner institutions, be they a University, Livery Company, trade body or social enterprise.

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