Guiding the way and finding new paths.

Guiding the way and finding new paths.

Our Education & Mentoring Initiatives

Current Awards

  • Bursary
  • 1997 - present

Past Awards

Open Book
  • Funding to support training of dylexic teachers for ex-offender students in tertiary education.
  • 2005-2009

  • Funding to support dyslexic students in Midlands
  • 1996–2007

Oxford Brookes
  • Mentoring Programme
  • 2000-2008

“I found the mentoring scheme very encouraging and it gave me great confidence knowing that I could count on my mentor’s support, who himself was very experienced in the industry I was trying to break into.”

— Peter Jay, Oxford Brookes Mentoring

Our education and mentoring initiatives open doors for individuals from all walks of life. We run a wide variety of programmes to support the transition from one stage to another. This could be the leap from higher education to the world of work or a career change into a new industry.

Our awards actively address gaps in learning opportunities, with a view to improve access for students who learn differently or face extra barriers to education, in addition to providing meaningful employer encounters and fostering innovation in business. Students benefit from focused mentorship and education pathways that offer new perspectives and enrich personal development.

We work with leading educators to deliver our programmes, placing a strong emphasis on holistic learning environments. The Trust nurtures diverse and dynamic talent- from tomorrow’s leaders in specialist education to industry disruptors. Through encouragement and guidance, we pave the way for our community of engaged learners to build skills for the future.

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